I remember seeing something about the burrito powerup being removed, just as I started getting into Zwift.

Was just curious what it did, and why it was removed.  (And other powerups retained.)   Can’t seem to find specifics.

Virtual farting perhaps?

More people were  using the burrito just to get rid of it rather than to actually use it for its intended purpose so it’s been disabled.  It’ll make a re-appearance if there are ever powerup enabled racing events as its a good way to drop an opponent at a key time, but I wouldn’t hold my breath - so to speak. 

Thanks Jon - so was it a pure speed boost?   Interesting.

No speed boost.  It disabled any draft effect for those behind you I believe.  Which I guess is kind of a speed boost.

Its more like digital indigestion which caused you to be undraftable momentarily. No speed boost involved.   

I am a long time member but never got a burrito as bonus. Is it disabled?