Burrito vs Draft Powerup

In the upcoming Zwift Racing League Race 1, the Burrito, Draft, and Aero powerups are available. This got me thinking…does anyone know or has tested the effect of the Burrito on the Draft powerup?

  1. If a rider activates the Burrito near another rider with an active Draft powerup, does it negate the effect of the Draft powerup?
  2. If a rider activates the Draft powerup while they are under the “debuff” of a Burrito, does their Draft powerup have no effect?

My default assumption is that the Burrito would cancel out the draft powerup. But this is Zwift…and no assumption is safe…

Can anyone at Zwift HQ weigh in? Or does anyone at ZHQ even know? Can this be tested?@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn

Hi @The_X.Wang, welcome to the forums. Eric has done a few tests already.

Unless I just missed it, I don’t think either article mentions either scenario in the 2 questions posed above.

From the comments section of the second article:

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No, I guess they don’t specifically say if the burrito cancels other power ups. You can see in one of the videos however that a lot of burritos are dropped as well as aero helmets and feathers, the other power ups don’t seem to help when the burrito is also dropped. Not scientific obviously, just an observation.