Build Me Up support thread

Just finished a Big Week! We went away Thursday to Sunday (Easter weekend), so I ended up having to do half of week 9 and all of week 10 in 8 days. I did Circus late on Easter Sunday and then Malevolent on Easter Monday, but then moved right into Week 10 and did Exigent on Tues and Exemplar on Wednesday. I then did Serrated Friday morning, a 60km gravel group ride on Saturday (instead of Potpouri), and then Baffling Beau on Sunday. I am pretty saddle sore today :frowning:

I was pretty disappointed after finishing Mosaic in week 9 at only 95%, so I was worried about Serrated (and genuinely worried about whether I would continue in the plan), but it was brutal but doable. What helped I think is that I finally bought a fan

A lot of people seem to say Circus is the hardest workout, but I found it a lot easier than Mosaic, Serrated, Kirizuma, or Malevolent. Maybe this is because I am a mountain biker, so I often do short spurts of high watts to get up punchy sections.

One more week of work left!

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Finished off Week 11 last night. It was a tough week to figure out an optimal workout order. I was pretty wrecked after Week 10, so I took Monday and Tuesday off to rest my crotch. What I ended up going with was the following:

Wed: Thew
Thurs: Ruckus
Fri: Tenacity
Sat: Rest
Sun: Breakfast Returns
Mon: Aspire

Breakfast Returns and Thew were both really tough, but I mentally prepped and could get through the hour by just taking the intervals one-by-one and staying ahead of ERG mode. Aspire was definitely the toughest of the week, the first over/under took a lot of mental energy to keep going at the recommended cadence, luckily the second over/under was easier, but then in the third they had me standing for the overs which did not help! My legs had almost nothing left in the VO2 intervals, the final 10 seconds of the final ones were really hard. But I did it!

I am pretty happy with making it to the end of the workouts considering that after Red Unicorn in Week 1 I wrote on Strava “That was friggin brutal. If this is Week 1, I am not sure how I will make it through all 12 weeks”

I didn’t fail any workouts but had to take an extended rest break on Purple Unicorn, and I had to turn down the intensity and take extended breaks on Mosaic and Cool Cucumber (this was because I had done Kirizuma the day before). I think Mosaic was the hardest in the plan for me. I also found 15.9 really hard because I did not know how to mentally prep for VO2 intervals yet. And Purple Unicorn of course.

Time to rest up for the 20min FTP test!


I did the 20min FTP test tonight. I was a bit worried because I have seen posts saying the Ramp Test at the start often overestimates FTP and sometimes the 20min test at the end doesn’t show much improvement. But I prepared mentally and feel like I really nailed it!

Weight= 105kg
20min FTP test= 215w
W/kg= 2.05

Start of Build Me Up (mid-Jan):
Weight= 104kg
Ramp FTP test= 229w
(I am very convinced this was an overestimate)
W/kg = 2.2

Weight= 101kg
20min FTP test= 247w
W/kg= 2.45

I am very happy with these gains! Pretty big feeling of accomplishment tonight. Now I plan to move to outdoor training to work on getting my ride length longer in preparation for a 60km mountain bike race in June.


Solid gains. Well done. :clap:

I thought I’d add my results to this:

Start of Build Me Up
Weight= 75kg
Ramp FTP test= 208w (based on calculation not Zwift)
W/kg = 2.77

Weight= 73.5kg
Ramp FTP test= 224w (Again based on Intervals)
W/kg= 3.05

I thought I’d had 3 days rest, but it was only 2 and probably should have left it another day or two as I felt the fatigue still once I got to the last few minutes.

I started the end of Feb and used 210w in Zwift for the workouts. I didn’t change the FTP during the workouts despite a small percentage of them being a bit easier than expected compared to online comments. Usually the more sprint based stuff.

I followed all the workouts other than the pedalling drills (hurt my knees) and the odd workout which I did outside instead. All in, I did it in just over 11 weeks. I followed Eric Schlange’s blog on Zwfit Insider which I found really useful to gauge the hardness of the workouts and I always started the ‘week’ on a weekend and did the harder workouts first.

So with the fat loss, I’m ‘up’ 10% which I’m very happy with. I’ll enjoy the Summer outside now and get back on this or maybe another plan October/November.


Oh and no extra rides other than 3 short easy ones outside.

My background was relatively fit (Insanity/boxing etc) but only once a week, one hour rides in the summer until last December when I picked it up and started Zwifting.

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