[Bug report] Power enforced hardware requirement does not function as intended

Hey folks, an update on this specific issue:

We believe we’ve found a solution for this problem in particular that we feel confident about. It should address the use of this app. For timing reasons, you should see that implemented around March with our game release then

For broader improvements to keep hardware requirements feeling like it’s keeping the right hardware in or out of your races, we are currently working through the best way to manage that efficiently and effectively. We’ll have more info on that in the coming weeks as we learn the best solutions forward.

Appreciate the patience and the flag on this one. Thank you!


@xflintx any update on this issue…can we expect a fix in march update?


We’ve had some hiccups to our normal release cadence this last few weeks, so this fix should be out with the next release that’s coming soon.


The notes for the most current release (1.33.5) didn’t include the change for the issue here, but I can guarantee 100% that it was included with this latest version and should in place now.


Thank you i will try to test this and report back.

We’ve also made it easier to block other devices or power emulators, so if any new app or device appears in this realm we can block it without having to update Zwift.


Tested HR2VP and it’s now blocked…is there a list of devices that can’t enter the Hardware Req. Races?
There are many spinbikes with virtual power that are not accurate.

Currently besides the HR2VP, the Powercal HR straps and Elite Misuro devices are blocked.
We are working on a more broad list of forbidden devices, but there are a few difficulties.
The border between what can be considered accurate and not accurate is not so black & white. Perhaps for elite level events it is, but for a more inclusive community racing platform it can be a bit debatable. Besides that, some manufacturers make our lives difficult by broadcasting very generic device names that are hard to identify…


A PainSled / RowedBiker user alerted me that they could no longer race using the apps as of a week ago, so seems like it’s working :slight_smile: They were quite understanding, but, FWIW here’s my reply/take on the matter:

I totally get that racing on Zwift is fun, but, yeah, PainSled and RowedBiker are absolutely not supported for racing on cycling apps, for the very reason Zwift is probably trying to filter them out. It’s just too easy to generate totally fake power numbers. I’m not sure there is much that can be done about it but am open to suggestions.

I never race on a rower so would not have noticed the change. The apps still seem to work fine for their intended use which was giving rowers access to Zwift and the other fun apps that cyclists have. Kudos for keeping the recreational / fitness users supported. These are tough, um, waters, to navigate.


And there are still races without power enforcement as well, aren’t there?

I think so. Someone who races would have to answer that.

Looks like power enforcement is in use in 10–20% of all races, so plenty of racing opportunities for your friend and everyone using salad spinners as well.

(Edit: Ok, that’s only the races that actually prevent you from racing with Zpower, not ones where the power source requirement is enforced by Zwiftpower instead.)

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It is still possible to enter races, but PainSled and RowedBiker are now being treated as “Speed sensors” and thus getting a ZP disqualification in the final results. Happened to me yesterday in a Race London cat C event. That feels a bit harsh when you know that you are using one of the most precise power meters out there.

But I understand perfectly well that this is something I’ll have to accept. I’m using a rower, and Zwift is a cycling platform. It has been tremendous fun being able to join this awesome community and even pushing my limits in races - thank you so much for that James! From now on my choice of races will be quite limited or I’ll have to accept the DQs. At least it seems I will be able to continue rowing on Zwift, that’s a great relief. I hope it stays that way.