Breaks more likely to go with better comms

Racing would be more fun if there were more attacks, particularly on flat courses. I’d say this is more likely to happen if the communications in game were better / easier. For instance it would be good if you could select multiple other riders in race to create a group chat for to help organise an attempted breakaway. As it stands currently you can only message one other rider directly (so a pain to do multiple times) or the entire race (so no element of surprise).

If this was implemented it would also be good to have some standard messages you could select to send without having to type out in full that would help organise the breakaway and help to keep away


Join a team that uses Discord. It does mean wearing headphones and listening to a lot of heavy breathing, but it’s the best way of orchestrating team tactics. You can even have a DS calling the plays!

I have done (race 3r) and it is a lot of fun, particular if someone is acting as the director sportive and instructing the team but it only tends to get used in the ‘bigger’ races. Also doesn’t help if any of your team mates aren’t racing!