Boring road races

I have found recently i am entering a road race and because it is either A through to D .I mostly end up as only cat A rider racing against myself. Why bother might as well just TT instead . Can we not at least have mass start for road races where as in the real world it splits and other cats get chance to sit in and move up the ladder.

You can find the mass start races by searching for events on ZwiftHacks, go to the Rules tab, and select “Same time starts” and “See all categories”

Some previous discussion of the poor experience you are having:

Thanks will have a look at that but may stick to TT aa seem to be doing well in them

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A sucks at the moment… other racers know it too, so they drop down to B. it’s a self perpetuating problem

couple things you can do if you wanna stay in A:

1: staggered start races - the B field will catch you since they start a minute after, unless you’re riding around at 5.5wkg… you aren’t technically racing them, but you’re in the race with them, so that’s something. I used to do intervals off the back of the B field in the KISS 100 to pass the time, because the A pace was too hot for me to handle

2: find out where the races that A riders do race are, what times etc. A racers generally get involved in community leagues and stick to those so you won’t find too many in daily zhq races etc… TTTs, ZRL, DRS, FRR are popular leagues and one of them is usually running at any given moment. people who are into those can help you look into that, i’m not really the guy for it. the downside is you basically have to schedule your races, they’re usually not races you can just jump on and do at random since the organisers put careful planning into them etc

3: there are mass start races too, like paul said. there’s a bunch on most days at most hours

There’s a good amount of As in the Chasing Tour. The Giro Tour is going on right now. It’s races all year long.

Thanks will try that or back to TT races

Maybe they should start in reverse order, Ds first, through to As last.

That way you can race against everyone till you out pace us all. :grin:

That is a standard chase race format, that you can find in the Rhino Crash, AHDR The Chop, and others.

Yes I do know that. But it seems that the initial poster is lonely on his own.
So if there are less As than D, reverse the start times.
This might help him to enjoy the racing.

Hahaha. Struggle to keep up with cat D . Just need some one to draft :grinning: