Black Squares Game [1.40] [1.41]

I think that becomes a problem in a number of threads and nothing you should feel bad about (or be moaned at by others about).
it’d be good if relevant posts were pinned at the top such as explaining if/when a fix is coming.

It’s the 10th post and is repeated at least 4 other times. If you’ve read about software testing you can’t really have failed to see a post about a fix.

My issue is around using medical conditions to invoke a reaction.

It’s diminishes the struggles of others who suffer in silence.


Locking thread as the message keeps getting lost.

This is due to be fixed in the next release (Wednesday).


UPDATE: June 7 - Nope. It hasn’t. We’re opening this ticket again.
Hey all - this issue has been fixed in game version 1.41, which is rolling out over the next couple of days across all OS platforms.


I am seeing the black blocks in dusty conditions in the latest version: 1.41.0 (112387). This is the first time I’ve seen this before. I didn’t see it in any previous version. I recorded a video of the bug, but I can only post one frame of the video here:

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Hi @Neil_Tan welcome to Zwift forums.

Thanks for flagging this up. I’ve merged your post into the thread about this issue.

Just to say 1.41 hasn’t fixed the black squares. Got it today along with black confetti. 1.41 windows 10. Get yellow transparent squares behind robopacers too.

I have just updated mine to the new version , I’ve been using Zwift since Jan and never seen the black squares until today and there was loads on any dirt track coming off the wheels , clearly it’s the dust , I took a screen shot but not sure how to share on here

@j4m1eb and @Vaughan_Wetherill
Thank you both for your reports. I’ve moved them here to the ongoing thread about this issue.

We appreciate the screenshots. Those are always helpful to us.

I’ve been biking outside but when I returned to Zwift then sometimes there are blinking black squares all over. Most often blinking in 1 to 3 locations each time.

I downloaded Zwift again, made sure I had the latest Launcher and triple-checked that it had no further updates.

Is there a known resolution?

Which version are you on? 1.41 is presently rolling out but you may not have it yet.

NVIDIA graphics card, a month old driver; all Windows updates.

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I have 1.40.0 but the Launcher says that there are no updates.

Give it a few days and you’ll probably get there. Releases don’t happen all at once any more.

You should probably get the update today if you haven’t had it already.

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Think this might be a different issue but thought i’d post it here. today i got black squares where dust would normally be.
Hadn’t seen this before, i’m on 1.41 (not got the update to 1.42 yet)

it got quite distracting in places!!

This seems to be the same issue; appears to not have been fixed in 1.41.

Dear Zwift Forum, today I encountered a blacked out screen instead of seeing dust when riding on the dirt sections of Volcano Flats with Yumi. Please see image. Has anyone experienced the same issue?