Bike Seat For Trek Verve 2

Just started using Zwift this week and I love it!

However, the seat that came with my Trek Verve 2 is very uncomfortable for riding inside and hurts my butt.

Can anyone suggest a good men’s seat to be used inside for Zwift and possibly for outside riding too once it warms up in a couple months?

Hard to say as we are all unique in the posterior department.
Often your local bike shop will have demo saddles for you to test or some have measuring devices to find a perfect fit.


There is also the possibility the root cause of the pain is the lack of motion of the bike. Especially if the bike is comfortable when ridden outside.

My solution was rollers. The bike moves naturally and eliminates the trainer pain.

A rocker plate is second for natural bike motion.

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This is my current setup. Was able to get a Kurt Kinetic brand new for $224. It works great. While rocker plate sounds like a good idea and can make a difference, I’m trying to keep this Zwift endeavor as inexpensive as possible for the time being. Maybe I will invest more next year once I’m sure that I will stick with Zwift. But for now, if I can find a more comfortable seat for $50 or so, and that can help, then that would be great.

I understand that. A group of us couldn’t swallow the price of rocker plates and built our own for less than half the money.

That is a hard question to answer.

Give it a bit more time and see if it gets better.

You can find cheap knock off saddles on ebay.


Is that same seat known by you to be comfortable outside without issue?
Maybe you want something that has a cutout. I put something similar to one of these on my bike for indoor use only – yes, kinda ugly and heavy, but cheap and more padding than what I use outdoors. Maybe worth a shot and if it doesn’t work, ‘free returns’. ymmv

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Thanks for everyone’s help and suggestions. I really appreciate it.

I ended up getting padded bike shorts and a gel seat cover, that, combined with standing up and pedaling once very 10 minutes, I was able to ride for 50 minutes straight this morning without any pain.

Make a great day, everyone!