Bhutan 🇧🇹 Nepal🇳🇵 flag?

(AVP) #1

Hi. Im using Zwift for over two years now. 26 level.
I’m paying my monthly fees regularly
I’m asking the support guys regularly abut this issue
No answer every time!!!
Ok ok they’re answering…
But nothing concrete no really good answer
They never ever even wrote when I can expect my Bhutan :bhutan: or :nepal: flag by my name.
I’m asking fellow bikers to support my case
Thank you
And see you on the route!

(Sudipto) #2

I am shocked to learn that Bhutan or Nepal flags are not available on Zwift. I remember living in Mongar and an English volunteer used to come cycling down from Lhuntsi to Mongar every now and then. But honestly, I find it a little strange that you should want either Bhutan or Nepal flag. I was in southern Bhutan in 1990 September and was personally devastated by what happened there. I hope you know what I mean.
Anyway, I hope Zwift addresses this issue soon.

(AVP) #3

I have spent some time in Nepal after the last big earthquake. I have seen the people and the tragedy and pain. I live now in Bhutan and Nepal and this are very beautiful countries. I love mountains
Best K