best view while pack riding/drafting?

I keep going back and forth between the #1-3 views (from saddle and from behind me) and the #9,10 view (aerial). I find the aerial view is easiest to get the best sense of distance between you and others and so best for drafting/pack riding, but doesn’t feel as ‘real’ as the first person-type #1-3 views. I keep flipping back and forth. Either I lose the wheel since I thought I was closer, or can’t tell if people are actually on my wheel or not. I’m not super strong but a good draft/pack rider so I’m losing my one strength it feels like. What views/tips/tricks have other people settled into, and/or are there some other tweaks that can help? Thank

In my opinion, the easiest way to draft is to just sustain a power slightly higher than needed. You’ll pop out of the draft briefly, but then slow down and pop right back in when you hit the wind.

This works in any view.

I suggest staying in view 3, then shift back a gear when approaching a rider to draft rather than reducing cadence. I find when I try to use cadence to adjust draft I end up losing the wheel.