Basic set up

Hi I have a mountain bike and looking for budget trainer that will give me the zwift experience? I am on a limited budget and would like the easiest set up. My first post so please be kind to this exhausted overweight NHS worker . Thanks in advance

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The best budget setup will be a fluid trainer and a speed sensor. You wont get the hill simulation with that setup but by changing gears you can adjust for climbs.

There are a few other things you will need like a trainer tire and a device to run zwift on and a good fan.

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Are they easy to set up ? Have you any recommendations?

Stick to a branded one such as Garmin or Wahoo. Some things you can economize on. This isn’t one of them in my experience.

It’ll make it easier to setup if you stick to branded.

Get a fluid trainer…Saris or Kurt Kinetic…as the fluids are more consistent (IME) with their power profiles.

Alternatively, depending on the size of your local community, you might be able to pick up a used wheel on trainer (Saris Magnum/M1/M2 or Wahoo Snap…Elite & Tacx models also) for a reasonable price. Then the speed sensor is not required.