Baseline ride - segment clarification

Hi there, no, sorry for any confusion, they’re not correct, I was just trying to suggest something Zwift could do to make it a little easier for people to understand. I’ll edit my post to remove the “exact” info.

You want to start putting down the hammer a little before the beginning of each segment, where the dotted line crosses the road, take it easy between the segments.

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I would say you have to be at almost max speed when the sprint segment start.

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From what I gather seeing peoples comments, there are often so many people doing it, you can’t see any dotted lines. I don’t understand why they don’t give the km marks. It’s so flipping obvious and easy. I have contacted Zwift under ‘feedback’ but not sure when I’ll get a reply.

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That’s OK Paul. I figured that might be the case. But why is this like trying to break into some secret society with funny handshakes. It should be about biking ability, not Zwift world knowledge and being a techie geek.


All of the in-game code seems to be present for coding up the intervals and having some indicator/progress bar for them. They just need to have the exact same thing that shows up in time trials enabled here. Tell me what segment I’m on, what my average segment power is, and what the distance to the next segment is. time trials also disable powerups, which should happen for these training rides, as well. Why give people a baseline ride to compare themselves against, and then give the users a way to mess up their baseline with powerups?

Adding to that last point, I’m really disappointed by the lack of actual metrics related to performance over the three timed segments. The orientation and all of the related materials led me to believe that there’d be some indicator of what my strengths and weaknesses are, but all I’ve got are three time values with no context. Something as simple as displaying a percentile value for each of those would tell me that I’m proportionately better at sprinting, perhaps, and worse at VO2. The ride page directs me to the companion app for that info, where it’s conspicuously absent. Nothing useful in the Today’s Plan app either.

All in all, the baseline ride really soured me to the whole Academy experience. I expected a lot more for what seems like it wants to be Zwift’s flagship training program. I’ll probably finish everything anyways, since I’m a sucker for completing things and getting rewards, but the whole execution just feels shoddy.

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Here are the segments

I did the advanced baseline ride today. I warmed up before but in the advanced ride you get about 4km until the sprint. Here a 500m signpost signals the upcoming startline, it was the normal segment, though. In Titan’s Grove there were no advance signs but here it was the normal segment, too. Same for the Epic reverse.

There really should be messages like in workouts for those not familiar with the routes, though. Especially at the sprint and then at Titan’s KOM I noticed several riders staying at very low w/kg values, presumably they didn’t notice the starting points.

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Search for zwift baseline on YouTube and use the videos to find out where the segments start (you can also use youtube-dl to download the videos to make searching easier).

Thanks Donald

I rode it again last night and have posted each of the segment start km above.

Anyone else’s trainer act like the difficulty was set to 0? There was no feedback at all to grades the entire baseline ride for both me and my buddy. I spent 10km thinking that my trainer controllable wasn’t connected properly. Pair that with absolutely zero instructions or prompts the entire ride … very frustrating experience.

I know how you feel John! I’m reasonably familiar with the segments and still missed the sprint as i thought it was across the bridge, not before it…

Pretty poor form not to have a simple notification letting you know the segment starts in “XXX m”


I also had a poor experience with the Baseline Ride last night. The easiest thing they could do to help IMO is to just add a superimposed Start banner like they’ve already done with the Finish banner, and the not-confusing-at-all 500m banner. Also, why did no timers pop-up for the Titans Grove and Epic KOMs when the segments started like they normally do? These KOMs also have Green/Blue start markers that confused me a bit since I was expecting red for the KOMs (Green for Sprints).

I also agree on the lack of stats from the ride segments–just time and no power, w/kg etc. Zwift still being Zwift and leaving things half assed I guess. :confused:

I feel the same.

Did your trainer react to the grades at all?

That part did work! :joy: