Avatar Body Sizes

Team Zwift, Can you please explain how the new avatar body types work? I am 185cm and 78kg and my avatar looks rather heavy compared to some of my 90-95kg riding mates … Why is that please?   Thanks.    

It is based on “BMI”, which is generally a pretty useless metric, but it is good for determining the general size of a person.  You’re on the ‘medium’ body type with those specifications, and if your buddies are actually 95kg then they’d have to be 191cm or taller to also be on the ‘medium’ body build. 

Here’s how the models are chosen currently (all of this is subject to change at any moment):


<21 BMI   “Climber” avatar

21-26 BMI “Medium” avatar

26+ BMI “Strong/Sprinter” avatar



<22 BMI “Climber” avatar

22+ BMI “Medium” avatar

Very fair and quite cool. Thanks for the explanation Jon!

Did you adjust the body sizes since the first release to 3 male sizes?

I’m female, 5’10" and 150 lbs. I just joined and my avatar is a big breasted stick. If I switch my gender with the same parameters I’m a dude with a healthy spare tire and thick legs. I’m not sure what the message you are trying to send here is.

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My boyfriend came into the room last night and laughed out loud at my avatar – agree with Jenn! It’s rare to see a female with <22BMI with DDD’s. Seriously. Those things are a major aerodynamic impediment, not to mention totally out of touch with reality.

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