August 11, 2017 - 11:06pm PST: Zwift Servers slowly coming back online.

UPDATE: We’re slowly coming back online.

Will update with more information as we get it. Currently working on bringing them back up ASAP.

Need to be giving people there money back if you cant keep your service running. I cant believe I just cancelled my TR subscription for this.

Bad gateway again. Very disappointed!! 

I asked for a refund in chat but no joy. If the service doesn’t work then that’s fraud.


Are my account details safe? Have you been hacked?

Hi Paul and Roman,

Updates can sometimes not work out the way you want them to. We do apologize for the downtime but we’re slowly coming back up now.

John - Nope. It was a server update gone awry.


Hi All, this issue is fixed and you should be able to login and ride again. Thanks for your patience! Ride On.