Are there some 'boosting' coefficient for women in zwift? Some discrepancies between FTP in Zwif and ZwiftPower

Hi @Kamehameha_Kamehameh, welcome to the forums.

I don’t think you need to calibrate the tax neo, maybe this is only true with the newest model, the Neo2? I would use the manufacturer app, Tacx app, to calibrate anyway if it is available. Not all trainers can be calibrated within Zwift, and they prefer you to use the manufacturer app anyway.

I don’t think so, speed is measured by power and weight, and height. There are many calculations that go into how your speed is determined. This post will help explain it: How Does Zwift Determine My Speed?

Have you done an FTP test? That would be the best way to know what your true FTP is, don’t use the Strava estimations. I also think you have to manually enter your FTP in ZwiftPower, it doesn’t pull it from Zwift if I recall correctly. Either way, your registered FTP makes no difference in the power you are producing and the speed you are travelling.

Check you “trainer difficulty” setting in the Settings menu while riding in the game. The default is 50%, middle of the sliding scale. Which means that a 13% hill will only feel like a 6.5% hill on the trainer. Moving the slider all the way to the right, 100%, will make the 13% hill feel like a 13% hill. Move it all the way to the left, 0%, and you will get no change in resistance at all, all roads will be flat.