Apple TV ride didn't upload to Garmin connect

My ride uploaded to Strava but not to Garmin Connect so my readiness info is incorrect. It has been working fine so not sure why it has stopped.

Hi @Steve_Buck1

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Looking through your server logs, I’m seeing you logged simultaneously from an iPhone14 and an AppleTV. This means you have multiple sessions open concurrently, and this will cause sorts of issues like the one you’re reporting.

This is more likely to happen on mobile platforms. If Apple TV is your preferred device to Zwift, I would recommend you install the main Zwift app from your iPhone so this conflict can’t happen.

Additionally - when you end a Zwift session, always save and close (or trash and close) and force-close the Zwift app, rather than swiping it into the background where it remains running. Here’s how to force-close on AppleTV.

Would you try those things and let us know if uploads work as they should?