Apple 4 K not as good as direct Mac laptop HDMI

I have used both Apple TV and the output to my 4K tv is not as good as from my Mac Laptop via a HDMI, which is sharp and beautiful.

True. The ATV doesn’t have as powerful of a processor. It still gets the job done, though, and at a fraction of the cost. And I don’t have to carry it to the TV and plug it in every time I want to ride. :wink:

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Thanks for the answer

It depends on your Macbook specs (Air vs Pro, integrated vs discrete GPU). I have a 13in Macbook Pro w/integrated GPU. While it looks good enough, I prefer my Apple TV 4K.

Note the Apple TV 4K renders Zwift in 1080p, only the menus are in 4K.

A quick Google found this: