Any hope of having Imola's world circuit?

Also in a second time…

The UCI Road World Championships were supposed to be in Switzerland, Imola Italy was announced just 3 weeks ago after Switzerland was canceled in mid August. That’s not much time to get the course ready for Zwift, so I wouldn’t expect it.

I imagine Zwift had the Switzerland course all but done when the cancelation was announced. We all are wondering what happened to that course/world, was it bagged? Maybe the UCI agreement/partnership with Zwift forced them to keep it from being released? Maybe the UCI is planning on going back to Switzerland at some point, so they want to keep it off Zwift until then?

Who knows?


…considering that Imola would probably be the best UCI World Champ course in a long time, it would be a real pity (and a real shame) if Zwift won’t be adding it to the existing courses… not necessarily immediately but surely in due time…