Another Zwift Cog compatibility question

My buddy is looking at getting the Zwift Hub One. He’s concerned by this line in the Cog description:

Zwift Cog works with almost any 8-12-speed bikes

He’s got a Diamondback Lakeside hybrid bike from 1997. The cassette is a 7 speed with 11-28 teeth. The chain is listed as 1/2 X 3/32.

My thought is that he might need a spacer to get the Cog into position, but I defer to the experts here. Can this 7 speed work with the Hub One? Many thanks!

In reality all you need is for the rear mech to be aligned with the cog in a straight line so it doesn’t really matter how many gears etc…No spacer needed.

The issue you have is that the distance between rear dropouts on 7 speed is narrower than the mounting points on the Zwift Hub.
It will work but you’ll have to bend the frame a touch for it to fit. After that it’ll be fine. Just put it into a gear that’s aligned with the cog.