Announcing Zwift Annual Memberships [November 2023]

shipping :rofl:

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is the discount the only advantage of the annual membership or do you get more privileged features?

There is a glitch on the UK subs page. The costs are quoted in Japanese Yen and then we get an error message (see screenshots).

Is it possible to buy/switch to annual membership via Apple subscription?

Is it possible to pay in USD even though i am currently in Europe?
I am often in the US aswell…

Just a discount, everything else is the same

Try with a VPN

This was the information in December 2017, not sure if it is still current but suspect it might be:

Hi @Natalia
No. Apple iTunes and direct debit (GoCardless) payment methods do not support the annual subscription. If you update to the annual plan - please also cancel the payments via Apple or GoCardless.

From the FAQ:
Q: What forms of payment can I use for my Zwift membership?
A: Available payment methods will vary depending on your billing address, we currently support credit card payments via Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®, and PayPal®.

Yeah. I don’t know why they couldn’t just sell the annual subscription as a redemption code – which is what they supposedly give out with the Hub purchase and can be re-gifted to someone else, where I think billing info/zwift account only has to be provided and exist at the time you actually want to activate that code.

15,000 yen?

That works out to $100USD.

I wonder if that is what you would actually be charged if you changed your region to Japan (or used a VPN to sign up). Zwift might see a sudden increase in Japanese subscribers if that’s the case.

They didn’t even give a 1 cent discount to users who have paid monthly for the past 4 years, but now they are giving an additional two months’ worth if they pay annually… That’s unfortunate.
Listen carefully, friends. If you pay with Japanese currency now, you can get an even bigger discount

Section 20 of Zwifts terms and condition state “We reserve the right to modify our Platform or to suspend or stop providing all or portions of our Platform at any time. You also have the right to stop using our Platform at any time. We are not responsible for any loss or harm related to your inability to access or use our Platform”

As such i would think twice before paying for a year in advance.

I generally like Zwift and use it frequently (roughly every other day). The main reasons why I’m reluctant to pay for the annual subscription is the increasing number of bugs in the platform. I run it on a Windows PC and as of a month or so ago, it crashes every time I try to leave an activity. More recently, with my Kickr core, resistance and cadence pair probably 50% of the time. In the times it doesn’t, I have to reset the app. I just missed a race I was looking forward to because of this bug.

I would think that if Zwift invested more in writing unit tests, basic functionality wouldn’t stop working as new features get released.

Hi @Jeff_M3, welcome to the forums. I also use windows PC and a wahoo kickr. I don’t have any of the problems you are describing. I don’t think it is a bug in Zwift or we would see many more reports like yours on the forums.

How are you connecting to the PC, bluetooth or ant+? Do you use an external dongle with a usb extension cable? One thing that causes an issue for me, and no fault of zwift, is my fan placement and it can disrupt the bluetooth signal. Changing speeds on my fan will also cut off my bluetooth headphones, so i just leave it on high and dont touch it while riding.


Hi Mike, thanks for your quick reply. That’s fair enough.

Bluetooth. I use this USB Bluetooth device from Amazon:

Long Range Class 1 Bluetooth Adapter, QGOO USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC 5.0+EDR, Bluetooth Dongle Wireless Bluetooth Receiver for Speaker, Keyboard, Headphones, Support Win10/8.1/8/7, Grey

If it were a bluetooth issue it is odd that some kickr core sensors would work and others would not.

Interesting re your fan. It would surprise me if that were the issue as it started happening without any changes to my fan setup.

You could review these troubleshooting tips for ideas. If you can eliminate as many devices as possible and as many sources of interference as possible, that might help narrow down the problem. You could also try ANT+ for the trainer, with an extension cable.

I made the switch to Annual Subscription and billing is …"Your next payment of $172.49 will be applied on December 21, 2023; and not $149.99 as per the email sent …Zwift Annual Membership: $149.99

They didn’t offer a discount before, but now they do. Why is that unfortunate?

If a new discount is unfortunate because it wasn’t offered previously, you’re going to have all discounts being unfortunate. A discount offered from the start would simply be ‘the price’. And if any further discount was unfortunate because they didn’t offer it previously…you wind up with the claim that any discount is unfortunate.


What’s weird about me protesting like this as I’ve been paying for 4 years without saying anything, even giving people who are taking a break a month free coupon to their email account?