Announcing Zwift Annual Memberships [November 2023]

Long Beach, CA, – Zwift, the global online fitness platform, is proud to announce that beginning today, customers can take advantage of a new annual membership.

Delivering more value on the world’s largest virtual cycling platform, the new annual membership gives Zwifters 12 months for the price of 10, making it easy for cyclists to enjoy the benefits of Zwift year-round. The annual membership costs $149.99 + tax in the United States, £129.99 in the United Kingdom, and €149.99 in the European Union.

New members can enjoy 12 months for the price of 10 risk free with a 30-day money-back guarantee. To find our more head to

If you’re an existing monthly subscriber and want to switch to annual, find out how on this Support article.

Monthly memberships remain the most flexible way to Zwift. Zwift’s 14-day free trial and pricing remain unchanged for monthly memberships.

For FAQ’s.about annual memberships, visit our Support Hub.

Woohoo! In this global inflationary environment this is very welcome.




Is this going to be sent out in an Email to all users.

I was lucky to see this and knew nothing about it .


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On this page it says $219.99AUD+applicable tax (AUD = Australian dollar)

But if I click on select for the annual plan it changes to $199.99AUD+applicable tax.

Likewise for the monthly plan. From $21.99+tax to $19.99+tax.

I clicked on the pay by paypal option and unfortunately the paypal checkout doesn’t show the actual amount either.

I clicked on the pay be credit card option and it requires entering my payment details. I’m unsure though if I enter my details and click Continue is that payment authorisation or is there another screen afterwards that will show the actual amount? I didn’t want to risk it.

Before committing to payment I’d prefer to see the actual amount being charged. None of this “amount+applicable tax” nonsense. Maybe amount+tax is fine in the USA but it’s not an acceptable form of quoting for payment in Australia (the full amount must be shown).

All in all it’s a bit unclear as to the actual amount I would have to pay (particularly when the amount goes from $219.99+tax on one page to $199.99+tax on another) for the annual subscription so I will wait until Zwift sorts itself out.

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I suspect it’ll be marketed a bit wider.

Any chance there will be a Black Friday sale to kick this off? Can you buy multiple years at once and stack them?

Is there a giftable yearly membership or can we get it as a coupon?
I bet this would be great Christmas gift for many people.


Yaaaassss! Annual done.

Is there possibility for pause in annual membership? Or is it strictly from day one purchased one year on?

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The pause feature was completely removed earlier this year. Your options are to pay, cancel, or delete.

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No pause and no refund if you cancel the annual membership after 30 days.

Apparently no gifting option. The account holder has to be logged on to set up the subscription.

Personally, I’m not sure the annual subscription will work for me as I skip 4-5 months per year (maybe using the free 25km a couple of times), but then I’m really not expecting Zwift to offer a 30% cheaper annual subscription. So, between 30% and the current 17% offer it becomes a matter of convenience.

Per our FAQ:
Q: Can I buy a Zwift membership for someone else?
A: You cannot purchase a Zwift membership on behalf of another member. The Zwift account that is logged in at the time of purchase will be the account that receives the membership.

Ahw, that’s sad.

You’re missing out on thousands of subscriptions as Christmas presents, I assume.

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Just give them a card that says you’ll Venmo them some money once they sign up. Classic heartwarming gift.

Thank you for flagging that. It’s a known glitch affecting the Australia and Japan pages that we’re already working on.

You can not pay for future years in advance. You will be charged when your next annual billing cycle is due for renewal. Monthly subscriptions work the same way in that regard.

I want to go over to an annual membership but currently pay by direct debit. When I try to switch there doesn’t seem to be an option for direct debit, there only appears to be credit card or paypal options. Am I missing something?