Android Supported Devices (UPDATED: Dec 22, 2019)

Hi Domokos,

Bkool trainers only works as controllable over ant+ … We have to wait until zwift adds ant+ to android devices… Maybe in 2020 :muscle:

Samsung s8 works great with my direto. But whenever I try running with the zwift pod it freezes

ant + works on my s8

Just bought a HUAWEI - MediaPad T5 10.1" Tablet - 64 GB, Black from Currys PC World in UK and it works fine with ZWIFT. Android 8.0 (Oreo) , Kirin 659 Processor Octa-core, 4 GB Ram and 64GB Storage. It links well via Bluetooth 4 protocol. I found it very hard to establish which Tablets would work but went for this one as it had 4GB Ram compared to the 32GB storage version which only has 3GB Ram. Cost, Jan 2020, was £170 on a price match with John Lewis. HAPPY NEW ZWIFTING
FYI my trainer is a Taxc Flux.

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Same here! What a bummer.

Long Time Zwifter, love the game but please add the Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Would make so many users happy!

And like magic, today Zwift will not update nor reinstall on my Xiaomi Mipad 4 tablet, on which it had been running fine for months.

Edit: And fixed, after a few support emails and jumping through some sideloading hoops.

xiomi readmi note 7 funziona tutto bene. riesce a mandare anche in cast sul amazon firestick tv 1 gen. con ottimi risultati.

con dongle google Chromecast tv non funziona.

I miss One Plus 5T in the initial overview. My Elite Direto X doesn’t run well in combination with my OP5T :worried:. I have to use ANT+ on laptop. To cast my activity I use the Chrome browser Casting Desktop option with 1080 resolution in |Zwift app. Looks nice, but when I’m biking the refreshrate is not good, Sometimes it freezes :cold_face:. I think I have to use a direct connection with HDMI cable from OP5T. Anyone some experiences with this? Which cable should I buy :thinking:?

I just purchased a Google Pixel c Tablet in ebay because it was recommended in the list. Unfortunately the Bluetooth connection with my wahoo kickr 18 would not work. I can connect to all bt devices except the kickr does not appear in my available devices. Wahoo support team recommended to buy an ant+ dongle. How can a recommended hardware not work properly with 1200 euro smart trainer?

Go to the Android settings - Bluetooth - Currently connected - select the trainer and forget. If it is not in currently connected click on Previously connected - find the trainer and forget.

Now pair only in Zwift.

I really tried everything. There is nothing to forget. The Trainer was never appearing on the Tablet. I am using the Pixel Phone with companion to Bridge to my PC. But the Tablet does not see the Trainer at all.

Do you have the companion app installed on your phone? and is it on the same wifi network?

If you are using a PC then I would agree with Wahoo, get a ANT+ dongle, it is much better than Bluetooth, in my humble opinion.

Hi Gerrie,
There is no option that works, except for PC and phone bridged by companion app.
But I bought this Tablet that should run.
It cannot find the Bluetooth wahoo kickr, and it does not find the connection to the companion App on my phone as it does my PC . I’m getting frustrated since I only want to ride rather than solving Computer issued.

Strange that the tablet is not even finding the Kickr. Especially if the Kickr is on the firmware that allows up to 3 BT connections.
Does it do this even if you turn off Bluetooth on the phone with the companion app, to be sure nothing else has connected to the trainer before the tablet?

By any chance do you have a sim-card with a dedicated cellular data network on this tablet?

Thanks for the reply. Even by turning everything off, there is no Chance of a connection.

Unfortunately there is no Sim in the Tablet

Hi Jens

Did you update the Tablet to the latest Android version. Tun off all other devices that has bluetooth in the room except the Pixel c tablet.

The latest Android Version for the Tablet is Android 8.1. there will be no further Update. But that fulfills the Software requirements for wahoo as well as for zwift.

Yes, all ble connecting devices are outside the room.