Amazon Prime Bike

Look what was just announced, wonder if it will work with Zwift? Echelon bikes are currently not on the list of supported indoor bikes.

It seems like someone has made a major mistake here.

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LOL!!! :rofl:

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Have you bought it?

Hi @nora_austin, welcome to the formus. You should read the article that Steve linked above.

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I bought one as soon as I saw the articles, Amazon drones came to my house today to deliver, they dropped it off, it fell 50 feet down onto my driveway where my Tesla truck was parked. It landed on the truck, broke the bullet proof windows. So I saved $1500 for a “Peloton” bike which is awesome, but now it’s going to cost $5,000 to replace my windows. All in all, a great deal.

There are plenty of articles that discuss the different kind of “riders” for in-home training, some benefit from “Peloton” like approaches, others from the Zwift approach. It’s down to preference too. I think if you are buying a Peloton bike (or Amazon Prime bike) to use on Zwift, you’d be better served to buy something like a Wahoo Kickr bike that is built for that interface. Just like you wouldn’t really spend money on the Wahoo bike to use on Peloton. Where it’s a bit difficult is like the situation in my house, where my wife wants a Peloton bike, her argument is that I could use it for Zwift. Not a chance. Some households have Peloton people AND Zwift people, so what can you buy that both can use?
I’ve actually done a Peloton class on a Wahoo Kickr, though it’s not quite the same as having the bike (I’ve tried my friend’s out before), it gets you 90% there.
Looking at the photo in the article, that’s a spin bike, with a manual resistance knob. So not even like the Peloton bike. If someone is looking at getting into Zwift on the cheap, they can spend <$499 and have a better experience than that bike. Buy an old bike on craigslist or facebook market, buy a used fluid trainer, put on a speed sensor, works perfectly with Zwift. You get gears, and a set up that you can upgrade later (either with another bike or a smart trainer) No matter how much people want spin bikes (or Peloton bikes) to work with Zwift, the only conceivable way they’d work is with power pedals. I actually tried for six months to find a solution with a spin bike I had, nothing except that worked.

Peloton bike has manual resistance. Old ones use the pads like any old spin bike but the new one use electro-magnetic but is still manual (I think). Peloton does not want auto control otherwise they would sell much less of the exercise program which is their money-maker.