Am I being Cynical about Wiggle?

Wiggle’s online store (as well as chainreactioncycles - owned by wiggle) have no trainers for sale as everyone is buying them up for the lockdown - yet their ebay store - usually saved for selling their old or returned stock - is selling a lot of trainers, mostly described as “new, other” because they are often selling on ebay for a lot more than the original asking price due to no one having stock anywhere in the UK.

Are they profiting from this pandemic or am I just being too cynical?

Are the wiggle items selling for more than RRP? If so then I would go as far as to say this is illegal!

it is on ebay - so just whatever people are bidding - if people are happy to bid over the odds then it is up to them I’d assume

please don’t add to their profiteering at this time by bidding but here is the site

neo 2 was selling for close to £800 (from memory) new before the lockdown/virus

Kickr core went for £829 - rrp is £699
Neo 2 went for £1002 - were being sold for well under £900 (nearer £800 if memory serves me right) before the lockdown