Allow Workouts in Group Events

As with a lot of long time and new users on Zwift, it is used primarily as a training tool during the off-season, or when I want to perform intervals which are just dangerous (and sometimes impossible due to traffic lights) on public roads.

Despite being a solo rider, I like to take part in the TdZ and other large scale group events.

During these, I need to control my smart trainer via my Garmin watch and set up a workout on there, instead of just using my pre-made custom workouts in Zwift.

It would be great to be able to enable ERG mode in a group ride, so I can ensure I’m in the appropriate training zone for that day’s plan without having to ensure one device is controlling the power whilst the other is only reading it.

Some ride leaders (!) in group rides control their trainer the same way via a Garmin Edge…