Allow to choose connections (garmin, training peaks, strava, etc) at end of ride/run session

i would appreciate if zwift developer team can authorize the user to choose wether or not to disable at the end of any ride or run session to post the activity on any/some of the connections to other app platform (like training peaks, garmin connect, strava, etc)
The issue is when we wear a sportwatch while riding/running on zwift, and decide to record the session in order to get some specific data (like with my garmin fenix 3 hr i can get training intensity, running dynamics, temperature, etc) it generates two workouts/session, it duplicates “intensity minutes” and so on.

i would really appreciate if this enabling/disabling function of the connections to other app on each end of run/ride session can be developped.

I also wold to choose witch other applications the session should be saved to at the end. Look to Sufferfest where this functionality is implemented (see picture)