Allow Saves Without Exit

Wow really! That BREAD under the arm is being paid for.

another yes please

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Another relatively new Zwift user here who would love the ability to save my ride then do some more, for eg a cool down, without exiting. Really hope it’s possible at some stage and the sooner the better.

I would like to see this and maybe I’m misjudging the difficulty but it seems to me they already have all the coding they need. If I log in 30 minutes before an event, I can free ride any course or world to warm up. They then offer me a go to button which saves my free ride and then changes me to the event (including changing worlds) and then that event gets saved as well.

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I’m new to Zwift and this was the first thing I noticed… incredulous at this design. Then I thought, surely Zwift must have gotten feedback on this and must be working on a fix to this horrible design issue. I looked it up on the forum and its been over a year!!! Does Zwift not listen to their customers? Please, hire a CX engineer!