Allow Saves Without Exit

Wow really! That BREAD under the arm is being paid for.

another yes please

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Another relatively new Zwift user here who would love the ability to save my ride then do some more, for eg a cool down, without exiting. Really hope it’s possible at some stage and the sooner the better.


I would like to see this and maybe I’m misjudging the difficulty but it seems to me they already have all the coding they need. If I log in 30 minutes before an event, I can free ride any course or world to warm up. They then offer me a go to button which saves my free ride and then changes me to the event (including changing worlds) and then that event gets saved as well.


I’m new to Zwift and this was the first thing I noticed… incredulous at this design. Then I thought, surely Zwift must have gotten feedback on this and must be working on a fix to this horrible design issue. I looked it up on the forum and its been over a year!!! Does Zwift not listen to their customers? Please, hire a CX engineer!


My number one feature request too

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yes yes yes!
the sooner the better!

I think it’s ironical that on platforms where the app saves without exit should be force closed before using again. While on the platforms where the program exits after saving, everyone wants it to not exit. :crazy_face:

+2 in our household. This frustrates me to no end. I’m doing a one month trial right now and correcting this would make my partner and I far more likely to continue our subscription.

I agree, vote yes

Yes please!

Doe maar voor mij

Yes please

Yes need this. Sooner than later please.

Please develop this!

Add me to the list of people who were baffled as to why Zwift behaved the way it does in the first place. Why shut down the app entirely after completing and saving a race? Imagine any other program/app that you use for work shutting down each time you pressed “save,” and then having to re-start it to use the app for something else!


YES it’s a must that Zwift have to do please

Agreed as above, it makes sense for users to be able to do this.

A simple example…If someone wishes to record events separately!

Please allow saves without exit

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Please, just do it!