AI riders at Cat 1, 2 or 3 race pace and attacks

Some people are asking for structured workouts like TrainerRoad. But these are easy enough (and boring enough) to do in Zwift anyway. The best workout is a race - it’s got all the intervals you need, but you don’t know when it’s coming so it’s more fun. What about AI riders who ride like they’re racing - attacks, periods of threshold, and periods of recovery, and we can just try to hang onto their wheel like in a normal race (well that’s how I race anyway).

And you would only need an extra 3 or 4 AI riders on the course, instead of a different AI for every user who wanted a different session. It would emphasise the group element.

Or have the blue AI’s at 2.5-3W/kg. Red AI’s 3-3.5W/kg, etc.

Yes, good idea, and with attacks to make it interesting.

great idea!