adding name to a ride

When entering a race or event, sometimes I am asked to add a title after my name; how is this done. Thanks Paul

Hello Paul

After logging into Zwift and moving on to the main ‘ride’ screen click on the ‘menu’ option at the bottom left.

You can change your details at the top left with the icon that looks like a pen-in-a-box next to your current name and details.

I should have noted - the details that races or events will need should be added to your surname. e.g. for me it would resemble: Paul Graham WBR (B) depending on the chosen event.

Your Zwift entry will look like:  P. Graham WBR (B)

I notice some events no longer require you to alter your name, selecting the correct class cat on entering the event does the job.

Probably will be the case for all events in the future but for now…

Ride On!

Does changing the name interfere with uploads to Training Peaks or Strava?