Activities on Zwift Companion

I rode the Tempus Fugit route in Watopia this afternoon. When I finished, the relevant info was recorded in the ZC Activities section. However an image was inserted that was not from Tempus Fugit. How do I remove this image from Activities? Where is the Activity data stored?

Hi @Reed_Markley, you can view the activity on however I don’t think you can change or add images, only download them.

The image appears to be the image used in the article " How To Ride The New Zwift Giro d’Italia Course "

Can you post the image?

I will try.

Looks like I was successful.

That’s the Italian villas I think, one of Zwifts default images it will insert if your ride was on the shorter side and you didn’t take any pictures on your own.

Here’s another example: