Accessibility for Blind Cyclists

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There is already a post on accessibility features for blind people at That thread requests accessibility features without saying what features are required.

This thread lists feature requests that would improve the user experience for Zwift athletes with low vision, , and visual impairment. Such features are likely also to improve the UX for everyone.

The quick-fix changes improve the readability of the existing user interface (I).

  • Change text to improve contrast.
  • Distance/Time to finish - a darker text colour would be easier to read.
  • Workout interval list - darker text colours would be easier to read.
  • Ride leader flag at bottom of screen - back text would be easier to read than white against the yellow marker.
  • Rider list - text colour contrasting with background colour would be easier to read.

For those of us with lower levels of vision, the addition of some text-to0speech (TTS) would be amazing.

  • TTS for workout instruction, and encouragement comments.
  • TTS on rider messages

Hotkeys to announce:

  • Ride stats: speed, distance, time
  • Rider stats: heartrate, power

These are just the features that I have thought of, but there may be others that other visually impaired users may need to improve their rider experience.

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