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I would love to see 2 things

  • A bar underneath the level, drops, etc information that gives a rider the remaining distance to complete a selected route. Zwift already uses this feature for the Tour de Zwift, but would be nice for selected route rides for those that are badge hunting or just motivation. Pic below from my recent to illustrate.

  • On a selected route menu, the badges a rider might be able to achieve or have already received on the selected route. A grey outline of the badge on the selected route means they haven’t obtained it, one filled in means they already have. Pic below of a selected route. The badge could be put to the right of the information.

Hello, Shimano di2 with ant+/bluetooth is getting more and more common.
So adding d-fly button functions for the companion app would be a great feature.

Refering to a request from Oct2018 ( … t/support-for-shimano-d-fly-units/13616)

  • Turning left, right at junctions or u-turn with the hood buttons would be a great start and soo neat.
    (not to struggle with the mobile display and sweaty fingers)
  • Ride On
  • View Change
  • Taking Photo

… with different buttons or long press could be major ride improvements for upcomming electronic shifters.


Pacing partner option for meetups. Would be more attractive to me than the stay together option that just rubber bands the group together. Host sets pace and everyone tries to keep up. Much more fun. Maybe could even allow host to change pace during ride for an interval style workout.


Loving my pace partners at the moment. Really useful for helping me get back into cycling after a few years off the bike. The D grade pace is the perfect base workout for me.

However, I cant make it into C grade without a proper warm up just yet and would like to suggest a feature where I could start in D and after a set period it would teleport me into C. Similar to when I free ride before a race to warm up and I get teleported into my pre-selected race/event.

This feature would be rad.

Keep up the good work.

In races:

  • Zpower riders (and possibly people entering below their cat) could race as normal but other riders couldn’t draft them and see them as “ghosted” out so it’s clear this treatment is being applied

  • Be able to tag certain riders in races so they always remain visible in the rider list on rhs so you can track what they are doing. Likewise it would be good if say the top 3 spaces on the rider list were for those at the front of the race so you could see if they were attacking (difficult if sat in middle or back of pack)

And for pace partner rides:

  • change the colour of the indicator above the pace partner to be different to ride ons and make it generally easier to understand if pace partner is in front or behind

  • Also make it harder to lose the drops multiplier built up from riding with pace partner or apply some out of count down to how long you have to get back close to them

Wind please :blush:

I would love a fanny pack so I can collect my ride ons while running.

Hi zwift,

Here’s one suggestion.

Zwift transparency (ZADA) is doing a great effort to check and verify users profile, race classifications, riders efforts, asking for dual recordings, weight videos etc…to ensure that the results are reliable and the athletes are competing honestly.

But after these checks, if they conclude that everything is fine, they should mark that athlete with some kind of tag or clean passport. The tag could have a validity period of 3 months for example or an associated verification date.

This simple idea would allow the other athletes not to doubt the verified athlete and his results and, on the other hand, to demonstrate that the zada is working and try to ensure that the platform is clean.

Ride on!

For running… a few more shorter routes in Watopia…