50+ Racing Strong C Pace Against Youngin's Question

Im 56 and currently am banged up…3 broken ribs and of course a scapula along with it…I cant ride outside yet and tried racing inside.
Im hooked! I like the competition for sure and am pretty stout for my age…but Im racing against gents 30 to 40…can I hang? Sure but the 3 races I have participated in so far my HR has been 184 188 and 181 avg…and a high 0f 199 199 and 200.
That’s the problem Ive always run hot but to hang with the youngin’s I have to motor. Im an honest 3.2KGW rider that is running full max to keep up…the question is Im running B pace and on the verge of death…will I get bumped up or is age and HR considered in moving up? My HR is always Red on Zwiftpower.

Hi Steven, welcome to the forums. The categories in ZwiftPower are based on a combination of raw Watts and Watts per kilo. When you finish an event your 20min power will be calculated then ZwiftPower will take 95% of that to estimate your FTP and your W/kg. It then takes your top 3 of these from the last 90 days and averages them to calculate your Category. In order to move up to the next category you need to be above both the Watts and the W/kg boundaries that are listed in the table at the bottom of the events page at ZwiftPower.com