3 weeks in feedback

I did the 7 day trial and now I’m just starting about my 3rd week on Zwift. I’m a mtn bike enthusiast and was looking for something to keep me riding through the winter.

I really like the interface and the fact that I’m already riding more than I have any other winter. This paid for the price of admission in my opinion. I’m still getting used to riding the courses and understanding the sensor results for riding performance. The update at the end of January (2021) made my Bluetooth connector settings easier and more stable. Thanks!

For feedback I echo the 100s of comments already on these forums: basic menu settings. Not having to ride to check your stats, garage, and badges. Not being kicked out of Zwift after a ride. Making the map in the top right corner useful. Echoing useful information on the companion app like menu, useful maps, start and finish line, start and finish of sprints and KOM segments, wattage and p/kg at the same time. Hopefully Zwift listens and puts some of this in place. This would definitely make a good platform better.