Need to stabilize....

Dear Zwift

I’m a BIG fan of Zwift and people around me in the local Tri-club knows I’m almost an evangelist. I really think Zwift has changed the indoor bike training. I have been zwifting last winter and this winter only about 1100km in total. My wife and son is also using the setup. All three with subscriptions. 

It all started out very nice - my setup worked seamlessly every time. When Zwift released for AVT 4K, I switched to this unit and I have had problems more or less ever since. The last releases have not been stable and we are seeing way to many bugs and issues every time we get a new release.

I have connectivity problems, watt readings jumping up and down, ZML loosing connection and now I don’t have my structured workouts from Training Peaks in my workout overview in Zwift.

I fully understand you guys need to charge the users and I think the new price structure is fair for a fair product, but I don’t think you deliver a fair product currently. If Zwift was one of my IT suppliers at my daily work (I’m a Business Application Director in an international company), then we would have had a very serious dialogue :slight_smile:

Now spring is coming here in Denmark, so in 2 weeks time I will be riding outside and not using Zwift until the fall. I really hope I return to a nice stable product in the fall.

Please Zwift, don’t ruin a very good business opportunity by delivering a poor product.

Looking forward to fall 2018 and a stable Zwift.

Best regards.

Rene Birk Laursen

PS: reach out to your fantastic community if you need help to QA and identify test-scripts etc.