2D maps?

I’ve had a quick search and can’t find anything about this:

I am permanently lost in Zwift worlds - is there an up-to-date map showing all of them? The in-game maps are useless, on the Companion App they’re OK but only show you a KM or so around where you are. It would be nice to see them on a 2D map so you could contextualise where you are at any time.

They can be obtained via Zwifthacks pages. Change the number in the URL accordingly.



Great, thanks! I’d seen the Watopia one, didn’t realise there were the others too. Other than guessing, what are the numbers? :wink:

  1. Watopia
  2. Richmond
  3. London
  4. New York
  5. Innsbruck
  6. Bologna
  7. Yorkshire
  8. Crit City
  9. Makuri Islands (not updated for Urukazi)
  10. France
  11. Paris
  12. Ahem

You can zoom in and out on the companion app too, pinch the screen

Any guesses?

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Is that not the test world for Uzakari? The map is the same or atleast very similar



Edit to add- Im aware it was Gravel world, but having seen the maps… One runs into the other


Purely speculation, was to test Urakazi rolling resistance as they are very similar \ same features, but went with road rolling resistance based on negative feedback.

I would highly recommend using the website: https://www.zwiftmap.com

You can study maps at your leisure, search, pan, zoom, and inspect segments such as sprints and KOMs, as well as see surface types. Note that - as of today - the Makuri map on ZwiftMap hasn’t been updated to reflect the Urukazi expansion.

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