12 speed cassettes on direct drive trainers

Do you need to use the 1.8mm spacer with the NX Eagle 11-50 cassette?

The NX is same width as Shimano 11-sp cassettes so no spacer needed.

I have a Shimano 12 speed cassette on my mtb. My Kickr arrives today and I already received a SunRace MZ800 12 speed cassette that I’ve been advised will fit right onto the Kickr. I’m a bit worried now as there’s no mention of SunRace in this thread/forum. Will the SunRace cassette fit right onto the Kickr?
TIA, Mark

Shimano 12 speed uses the micro-spline freehub standard and is not not backward compatible with 11-speed freehubs, including the Kickr freehub.

Sunrace do cassettes for pretty much all hub standards - let me know the model number and I can check.

Note that I cant see that Wahoo have released a Shimano 12-speed freehub yet but it cant be far away if they havent.

The NX is a bit different - its specifically designed to mount to Shimano 11-speed in the same way SRAM 12speed cassettes were designed to work with SRAM 11speed freehubs. This was just SRAM’s cunning way to eat into Shimano’s market - SRAM NX doesn’t mount to SRAM’s freehub for this reason.

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Just re-read your post (missed the model # you posted) and it looks like the cassette you have ordered will be fine on the Kickr. The “HG Freehub” is the Shimano non-microspline standard.


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Thanks @Dean. I’ll be fitting it tomorrow or Sunday at the latest so it’s good to have it confirmed that this should fit. Appreciate you taking the time to check this out. Have a great weekend :+1:t2:

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Garmin has a microspline adapter for their direct drive smart trainers. It cost $130.

Hi @Pablo_Hernandez1 welcome to Zwift forums.

Thanks for the information. I’ll update the original post. Also - Elite offers a Microspline freehub body now. It’s taken a while, but they’re getting caught up to more recent drivetrain developments.


Hope somebody might be able to help.
I have a 12-speed SRAM force groupset on my bike.
I bought an elite direto xr -t smart trainer and the elite sram xr-xdr freehub but if I try to put this on it only goes halfway.

Thanks in advance!

I didn’t see an Elite document relating to installation, but the advice from Wahoo is exactly what I was going to say (see step 4). Slowly rotate the freehub in the anti-clockwise direction while pushing on it. The purpose of this is to depress the pawls while installing it. I have not done this with the Elite trainer so this is sort of generic advice.

@MarkT can you give an update? I just set my Shimano 12 speed up with a sunrace cassette but I’m getting a lot of popping and slipping. Did you use the 1.8mm spacer?

Sorry, I really can’t remember. I quickly changed from using the MTB and bought a road bike. It worked just fine, I just got fed up with changing everything out when I went out on the MTB plus I got sucked into the excitement of buying something new and shiny.