Weekend Tour - 13th to 15th January 2023

We are organising Weekend Tour (3 days, 3 Stages) starting this Friday 13th to 15th January.

We have 4 competitions for Team GC / Sprint, KOM and the Individual GC.

News: News: Season 2 Update & Weekend Tour | Zwift Insider

Rules and more info :point_down:

  • Private events with 5 categories
  • Zwift Aero Roadbike
  • No Powerups.

To SIGNUP go to
Step 1 Login with Google or Strava
Step 2 Search for your profile and Claim Rider
Step 3 Go to ZwiftRacing Events and SIGN UP
Step 4 Click GO TO EVENT (Racepass) after you are sorted into correct category (Pen)

RACEPASS is available for everyone already SIGNUP