Zwiftpower combines rides [April 04, 2024]

Yesterday I did the big spin A ride, after the first lap I got the Atomic Cruiser, wich was my goal, so I ended the ride and went to Taylor for a 15 minute spin down. First ride was 45 minute.
On zwiftpower I am listed on the B ride wich is on a different course and the times and power of these two rides are combined. To me this doesn’t add up :crazy_face:

HI @Jack_Poirrie_1955, welcome to Forums. It’s Juan here from Zwift. I appreciate you taking the time to let us know about this.

I checked your profile and saw that the last event uploaded was Stage 3 | The Zwift Big Spin 2024. You rode this one on Cat B. Would you mind explaining what you meant when you said two ride are combined?

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