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Sure, no waiting if you remember your start time is 5,10,15, or even 20 minutes after A. I’ve done 132 races and I don’t recall a staggered start. Cats hidden from each other once or twice at most in all those events.

Use Events and filter for staggered starts there’s many of them and you don’t have to remember to wait see below every group has its own pen and start timer.

Also filter for see only category riders, there’s many of them.

Thanks. I was not aware of that database/website. At first I thought you were in the companion app, which does have filters, because I see you used your phone.

Looks like the staggered starts are 1 minute apart. Maybe that’s enough, although I’d still expect to be passed by some B riders.

Really starting each group 1 minute apart would be more than enough. Makingbuo a 1 minute gap to the A group if you are a B rider. Good luck.

There may be a couoke that get dropped and fall back but that wouldn’t bother me too much.

I love the idea of only seeing the riders in your Cat though. I didn’t know that existed.

I generally agree. Maybe not more than enough as it depends on the race, but it’s ok.

How would you feel if race organizers could do the following.
Have a mass start.
Show everybody’s cat for just the first 1/4 of the race then all the dots becomes the same color.
The first 25% is long enough for the groups to get settled but for the rest of the race, everyone is racing everyone else.
You chase and take turns pulling because you don’t know if the next guy is in your cat or not.