Zwift waterrower

hi, today I did a training session with a WaterRower rowing machine. After I finished my workout, I noticed that I had done 3.5km while zwift was 6.7. kindly I would like to know how to change the zwift km, as the exact data is 3.5 km. thanks bye

The rower is going to assume a flat surface and the power-to-speed characteristics of being on water. I doubt you will get the two to match. You can’t change the distance recorded in Zwift.


Ciao Paolo,
Thanks for the reply! Then I have to find a way not to distort my cycling data. how can I do?

I don’t know of a way to do that. The distance in Zwift is correct for Zwift on a bike. It’s not accurate compared to rowing or riding outdoors, but you can’t change it.

Zwift is a cycling platform, not a rowing platform. As Paul pointed out, the rowing statistics have nothing to do with the Zwift statistics. An example: Rowing one lap of Tempus Fugit is 17.3 km on Zwift and about 6 km on the rower. Rowing “Road to Sky” is also 17.3 km on Zwift, but about 24 km on the rower.

If you want to seperate your Zwift rowing statistics from your cycling statistics you might use Zwift running for your rowing (with PainSled and RowedBiker you can choose to use your rowing watts for Zwift running). Or you need a second Zwift cycling account for your rowing. Or you choose a dedicated rowing app like EXR or RowPro. Unfortunately they are not nearly as much fun as Zwift.

Grazie mille, sei stata molto gentile

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