Zwift should include basic error reports and how to adress them within Zwift.!

Hello there,
i want you exactly to understand why im pretty upset about my personal Zwift experience thus far. I will try to sum up my suggestion at the end after explaining the situation and my personal background.

The Situation

I bought a Wahoo kickr core just last week and i had a elite novo in the last season, which to be fair i left pretty much untoched because i did not like the experience at all. So my experience has been quiet limited to mostly youtube videos regarding the kickr core and zwift in general. To sum up my Zwift Setup:

Wahoo kickr core
Wahoo tickr 2
A generic Bluetooth 4.0 dongle Not even 2m away from the trainer, now its right next to it. Quite important!
PC Windows 10:
Ryzen 7 3700X
16gb DDR4 3200Mhz XMP overclocked
Rtx 3070
Nvme SSD`S
and all the other gaming gloriness

So the first time i used Zwift last week anything has been fine, no worring issues. I got it all right set up as i thought and there was nothing to be concerning.

Second time of use my heartrate was not showing up, the tickr has been connected though. The Trainer more or less worked, im not reall sure about that as of right now.

Today third time nothing properly worked, i was already damming zwift since i was doing VO2 Max intervalls where the trainer randomly over and under corrected, erg mode basically was on a rampage.
Then during the intervall and my rage, the delivery guy showed up and gave me my usb extender cable which allowed me to put the bluetooth dongle right next to the trainer and anything worked like dreams, beside my legs, since they got trashed thanks to the messed up erg mode data.

If zwift would have reported that there was some interferences or any other error report. It actually drives me nuts that Zwift with it’s big community and all of that chinnanigans has not implemented that. Futher more: How is it that this basic error report is missing, that to me is basic programming.

Please include basic error reports and mabey if you are kind enough include a link to a video of how to adress these issues. This would greatly enhance the Userexperience

It is very frustrating.
There are guides for getting set up and, here on the Ford, there are lots of people that can offer advice based on expertise and experience.
There are thousands of different ways people connect to and use Zwift.
I’m surprised that it works as often as it does.
Of course local issues, such as interference can play a role and so can overheating of computers and graphics cards.

It‘s still Zwifts fault to not report it to the User. That is a basic programming and design philosophy. even my 20€ fitnesstracker will do so when i want to monitor my heartrate and it detects none.

Zwift dont provide any of the tooling and instrumentation to do what you are asking for . I agree they should put more effort into this for reasons you ably demonstrate . In the long run ( and often in the very short term e.g. with onboarding) good user experience and support is worth more than any supposed attraction of a supercially cool feature .

However there is a tool provided by a zwift user that goes a long way to providing what you need .

It a great tool for trying to diagnose what you experienced , and whilst it is not a full solution because it does require zwift to properly log all issues ( and they have in the past not done that ) is very helpful .