Zwift Screen Scrambled

(robert doswell) #1

Does anyone know what might cause this;




(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Robert, did the game warn you about your graphics drivers being out of date before you ran?  Very old drivers will often cause this.

(robert doswell) #3

Yes it did initially but I have the latest ones now…looks like its not compatible with this laptop them. Ho hum :frowning:

(Jon Mayfield) #4

I just checked our logs and unfortunately it does seem that way.   The graphics chip in your machine is 7 years old and wasn’t meant for 3D games even back when it was new.  I can tell you that almost any machine made in the last few years can play Zwift, even low end, so maybe you can get access to another machine you can check Zwift out on and see what you think.  Sorry about that.