Zwift road acadamy

Hi Everyone
I do not quite get for who ZA Road WO #1 - Aerobic Power with ‘E’ is intended for…I have signed up to Academy. Clearly this Zwift Academy…is the WO for women and is the ‘E’ for the usual Category E band for riders in terms of Watts per kg…this being the case what will Category C band also be stated as such and will the men’s equivalent be prefixed with MEN…just do not want to do a ride I don’t have to

Kind Regards


Hi Phil, the E category is a category that spans the whole range of riders. The “W/kg” range should be showing as 1-5. It’s essentially the Open category, available to both men and women of all abilities. There’s no “men only” ride.

Thanks Darren…sorry to sound a bit thick!!!