Zwift race category, what's the point?

My thought is we need to encourage people and reward people for racing in higher categories. Get rid of the A to D and put in 1 to 10 and give people a sense of progression moving up the categories. With more divisions people should be closer in ability.

That being said I need to point out I am not as knowledgeable or experienced as many here. I am new to Zwift and having raced only one race.


Irrespective of the above Category issues what Zwift should be able to do is at least route all the riders in a race up the same road unlike what seems to be happening on a lot of tour de zwift stage 1 races . I suffered dropping 50 odd places as I was sent up box hill while the back of the field went through richmond park. Seeing the level of big time blocks it seems to be common issue . Even the video they produced for the classique course goes no where near the route I was sent even before that .

I am new to Zwift Riding (came from Zwift Running). I did my first Ride yesterday, the Tour de Zwift: Stage 1 Group Ride (and enjoyed it!). I only pushed 2.5 watts/kg in average and I am in good shape (but 53 yrs old). Reading your comments, I am nowhere to where I should be to compete in a D level race, correct? Another question (English is not my native language): what is meant by sandbagging?

Hi @Nick_Janssen

At 2.5w/kg you can have some good competition in D because D is up to 2.5w/kg you may even be a low C.

As for “sandbagging” that is someone that are fast enough to ride a higher category but hold back so they can have an easy win in a lower category.


never mind

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New to Zwift, but so far the categories mean very little to me in group rides or when racing. Sure, pockets form with riders of similar abilities, but wasn’t the point of joining a race to be somewhat competitive? Not really a great selling point finding out once the race is complete what the “real” results were.

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I still remember that race.

On a related topic, I did my first race today ( 3R Alpe Du Zwift KOM Race) and I’m pretty sure I signed up in the B category but during the race I noticed pretty early in the race that I was in A. After searching high and low I couldn’t find any info about this so I’m thinking I maybe made a mistake when I signed up ? If Zwift do automatic upgrades what is it based on ? Thanks for any help !

In Zwiftpower I am indeed a B (296watts / 3.9wkg) but I got ranked in A since that’s what they got from Zwift.

I too, like the mass start events.
Everyone gets an equal start and there is really only one winner.

What worries me, with all the whining, many people have started calling for staggered starts.
That basically turns 1 race into 4 races.
In such a staggered start configuration, I think people will be more motivated to sandbag or purposely enter a lower cat race.

I prefer the stagger starts, makes it easier to keep tabs on your competition. In mixed races there were always a few sandbaggers sneaking out the front and disappearing into seas of a and b racers (my c racing experience anyways)

Without the stronger riders mixed in it’s easier to tell who’s worth chasing vs who’s clearly out of category

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