Zwift IOS

Hi, recently i join to Zwift, i use a KICKR Power Trainer, in my iphone or my ipad. 

I have 2 issue:

In my iphone i cant see the option for coustom workout, is not available yet?

And in my rides i dont feel the change of resistance when a hill is coming, what will be the problem or the solution?


Alonso, I removed your email address from your post. For your safety, please don’t share private information on the forums.

Custom workouts aren’t available on iOS yet, but we’re working on making that happen. If you don’t feel resistance in hills, make sure your trainer is paired properly under Power and Controllable Trainer, and that no other devices or programs are connected with your KICKR at the same time other than Zwift. Also, make sure your trainer difficulty slider isn’t all the way to the left.

If you’re still seeing issues, you can submit a ticket via Thanks!

Jason K.

I am also using the KICKR and IOS device.  A friend gave me the following, and I’m looking for a more technical opinion as I’m usually resistant to trying work arounds as a non technical computer operator. The recommendation was to install iFunbox on my computer and connect my IOS phone to the computer via USB. Somehow this transfers the custom workout onto my IOS phone to operate within Zwift?