Zwift Hardware Requirements Public Test - 2- 9 Aug

Performed test on : Smart Trainers/Power Meters + Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) only allowed
My configuration : ATV-4K + Tacx neo2t + assioma
:white_check_mark: Not able to joind without HRM

:white_check_mark: On even not able to Remove HRM

:question: is it normal ? we are able to joind and ride without Cadance and/or Controlable
As mentionned before, for my point of wiew, it’s not fair to ride with a different simulation.

:question: is it normal ? We are able to change the power source (in my case : Assioma to taxc.

:question: is it normal ? we lost HRM value, we are able to continue the race ?

:question: is it normal ? we lost signal we are able to continue the race ?

Thanks for this improvement.


Great Test…this was on my to do list. Did you exit the Pairing screen when you changed the Power Source?

  • You must remain paired to the hardware you joined the event with. If, during the event you attempt to swap to different hardware than what you joined the event with, you will be prohibited from leaving the pairing screen until the original hardware you joined with is paired again.
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This maybe needs broken down into two options. Required at signup but if HRM fails during maybe there needs to be option to allow to continue or not. I know most organisers that enforce HRM on ZP currently usually allow some slack when a rider clearly has a good HRM history but had an issue mid ride to allow them to feature in results.

Tricky one that and comes back to the age old problem of training difficulty. Which is in effect just a gearing selection. Should riders be able to set it so low that they barely feel hills or are options enforcing minimums in races a better solution.

I joind event with my Assioma without contrôlable.
I changed in the pen to tacx neo 2T
i swaped more than one time, we are able to excit pairing screen while one capteur is connected (Assioma or tacx)
On Atv we receive the folling message If we try to add power meter before removing the previous one.

As I already got issue with HRM I agree with you to allow rider to finish the race.
There is a waring label to allow organizer to perform a quick check ?

Good progress, great work Zwift team thank you.

Given the highest profile events require smart trainer as the primary source, and its a bit harder to intentionally adjust smart trainer power output than most power meters why not have a ‘smart trainer only’ category? It would also go some way to stop people uploading dual recordings claiming they used a smart trainer as primary when its clearly a power meter.

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Interesting… smaller group racing and like the idea of knowing people I was racing with had the same inputs as me. What I’d be curious to know though is how much delta is there between the different input types? Is there a significant difference? Also, if you merge this with category enforcement will it be implemented by WTRL and ZRL and can a rider see what their category enforcement rating is in Zwiftpower.

ZRL is not using category enforcement this season but i assume they are looking to in future. Or continue to push on with their own AutoCat system which confuses things more.

There is a big difference between a rider using zpower than can spin at 400w for days to those compared to smart meters.

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I don’t expect ZRL to use this upcoming season but keep hoping for the best.

Apple TV can only have 3 devices paired by Bluetooth, and one of those is the remote, so you’re limited to two. Best bet is to pair using Zwift Companion.

You may have already known this, and if the popup you’re showing is an error while testing these events, please let me know if I didn’t quite pick up on all that.

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