Zwift Game Release: July 30, 2015

Howdy Zwifters!

We know it’s been a few weeks since the last update but we’ve been working hard on a lot of behind the scenes things you’ll all be seeing soon. In this update, aside from a slew of bug fixes, there are some notable changes and improvements:

  • Added BETA support for wireless Elite “Real” smart trainers. These include
    • Real Turbo Muin
    • RealAxiom
    • RealPower
    • RealTour
    • Real E-motion smart rollers
  • Added ZPower support for standard Elite Turbo Muin
  • Riders should be smoother in general and able to better handle showing riders who are on a poor internet connection
  • Drafting improved
  • All new prize unlock notifications added to tell you when you’ve earned a new item
  • New Male & Female rider model variations. A combination of your height and weight will let Zwift choose the appropriate one.
  • Revamped “Ride On!” notifications
  • Improved segment timer ‘ETA’ projections

…and a couple of other items which you’ll discover for yourselves.

As always, we look forward to reading your comments, suggestions, and feedback in our Zwift Support Community.

Ride on!

Team Zwift