Zwift click stoped working after less than 1 month

I purchased zwift hub with the cog and click on october 21st and by November 19th the button stopped working. It is really a bummer this one button makes a 600 dollar device unusable.

Sorry to hear that. While you’re dealing with the problem, Allow me to suggest two ways you can still ride the trainer. First you can do ERG mode workouts. Second there is an inexpensive app called QZ ( which would let you do virtual shifting on your phone. The way it works is it sits in between your trainer and Zwift: you pair the trainer to QZ and you pair QZ to Zwift. It offers virtual gear tiles on the phone to adjust resistance. And you still have the option to install a cassette on the trainer if you have a bike that’s compatible with a Shimano drivetrain.

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I forgot to mention, if you want to try the IndieVelo app (Mac or PC only) it has virtual shifting that you can use via the keyboard.

Hopefully one of these options will get you riding again until it’s sorted out.

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Hi @Cooper_Green welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Looking at your server logs, I see logins to your account on an iPad and a Pixel table at the same time. If there’s a session still open on one, the other will have issues.

Please force-close the app on both tablets. Force-closing isn’t the same as backgrounding an app. Backgrounded apps continue to run… in the background.

Wait 2 minutes for the server to acknowledge both devices have logged out, then log in from whichever tablet you prefer. Typically - the one with the more capable processor and the one with more RAM will be better to run 3D games. “Newer” doesn’t necessarily mean more capable.

Would you give that a try and let us know things are working as expected: