Zwift Academy Road 2021 FAQ

The orientation and baseline rides are different rides.

Schedule your baseline ride here:

Hi all - we’re getting a couple reports that the Companion app’s Academy tracker isn’t showing progress in real time, like this image below.

Forgive the cliche, but closing the Companion app and restarting it might refresh your activity and make it all better. Would you try that and let us know if it works for you? Thanks!

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I’ve hit the button to link my Today’s Plan with Zwift but I’m not receiving an email (for more information) as per the pop-up. I’ve also not got the premium access on Today’s Plan. Is the complimentary premium access only for new Today’s Plan accounts?


Not sure what you mean by the companion activity tracker not showing progress in real time but if it helps this is what I am seeing. Everything looks right to me on my side.

I am experiencing the same issue. I do have an exisiting premium account, but was hoping to see the new Zwift Academy dashboards.
The email addresses used for my Zwift account and TP account are different, but the accounts are linked in Zwift.
Happy if anyone has any ideas.

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With the baseline rides. How are new riders to know where the sprint/kom efforts start?

Look at the Image below.

The Sprint Results pop up about 30sec (400m) before the start of the sprint.

The Map top right has 2 places where you can see the Sprint banner.

And Every Zwift world except Richmond has only one Sprint banner.

I added a link to a Youtube video showing how to sprint.

The leader board might appear for the sprint banner but i’m pretty sure it doesn’t for kom. Certainly not the volcano kom until half way up. Minimap only shows the banner not the start point and i doubt any new rider will have a clue what to look for there.

seems to be a common frustration (see other post below) with the whole point of the baseline ride being to hit the koms and sprints it would be much better to have some clear on screen prompts of when things starts. A bit like in a workout when you go to next section would be ideal as i reckon 90% of new riders in these baseline rides will be doing it wrong or missing the start of segments.


yes, lots of confusion in the chat during my baseline ride last night. If you aren’t familiar with Watopia or are new to Zwift, this is going to be a bit of a let down.

@shooj, if you redo the baseline ride will the metrics be overwritten, or does it only record the first baseline ride?

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O yes there are many request for better sprint markers. Zwift updated them once already. They added the 500m banners for this event. I think permanent distance markers will be nice. 1000m 500m 300m 200m 100m.

Personally I just remember where they are, there are not that many.

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Yep I’m familiar with the all so not a problem for me although would be nice if they got rid of the stupid road side marker and made full banners that even said sprint or kom on them. Possibly as you suggest some roadside marks giving countdown to the start would be good.

Feedback above was from me chatting to a fairly new zwifter who had no clue what he was meant to be doing on the baseline ride.

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I missed the first segment on this as I thought the 500meter sign meant 500meter until the end of the segment instead of 500 meter until the start of the segment. Am I best getting a baseline score again (this means repeating the event) or just using my time even though I did a longer effort than I should of?

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Same issue with me. I´m using the same email both for Zwift and TP, clicked “Link current accout” several times in the last two days, but did not receive any email, and no ZA2021 dashboard visible in TP.


I am having the same issue

I’ve the same issue. Tried “link current account” several times in the last days – still no email.

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Just done the first workout. Who decided it’s a good idea to start the warmup at 50% FTP? From cold legs to immediately 140 watts is not what I’m looking for in a warmup.

Other workouts available on Zwift usually start at 35-40% (some even as low as 20%, but that’s too low in my opinion).

What if we want to withdraw from the Zwift Academy Tri Not the Road, if you can help please and provide the link would be grateful
many thanks

Hi @Fatma_Almosa welcome to the forums.

The link to withdraw from Zwift Academy Tri is: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App

Same here. Also no premium access to Today’s Plan unlike in previous years.

No, restarting the app does not restore the missing segments from my Baseline ride.